Salon Review – Adornement365, Brixton

A few weeks ago I went back to Adornment365 Salon in Brixton, (You can see my very first review here) they have moved out of Morleys into a cosy place at 81 Atlantic Road.  I wanted a bit of pampering, you will note from my lack of posts I have been going through a busy time so I went for a nice treat.

Adornment Inside

Inside the new salon

The new salon, whilst smaller is quite nice. I loved the fact that the styling chairs are at a bar and you are offered snacks, water and different types of tea whilst you are getting your hair styled. The staff as always are professional and friendly and it makes me realise we don’t always have to do our hair ourselves, we can get someone else to do it whilst we relax.

My stylist was Cornelia and she was great. I had a treatment which was especially blended for me as I had colour on (my hair felt amazing afterwards) a blowdry and a trim. Quite a lot of hair was cut off during the trim which I wasn’t that happy about, however she explained that my hair needed it and to be honest I haven’t been for a trim in about a year. I also know that my hair is in a great place at the moment it will probably grow back quite quickly so I am over it. She said that if I come for regular trims my hair would not be so raggedy at the ends and I would not need as much cut off again so I might take that advice.  After this she then styled my hair into this cute protective style. (Excuse my no make up)

Adornment Style

Styled by Cornelia @ Adornment365.   Treatment, Blowdry trim and style £91 To book your appointment you can call 0207 737 5533

I love my fuss free hairstyle, its been in for over weeks now and has stayed neat although now I am missing my hair so it might come out this weekend!



  1. I have been looking for a natural hairdresser and its funny I go to brixton as well to get my hair done so this would be a nice change will check it out 🙂

  2. I’ve been dying to try this place FOREVER, its just to find the time. I think this summer will the year that I do. Thanks for the update, I didn’t know they had relocated. Your hair looks lovely and the price seems fair.