Salon Review – Another Dye Mention – Ilford

Hi all, I hope you have been enjoying this festive season. I have been really taking it easy, relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. 

I am writing to tell you all about my visit to Another Dye Mention – a hair salon in Ilford which I went to a couple of weeks ago. I know of the salon from my relaxing days, the owner and stylist Jacquie was the one who cut out my relaxer when I decided to go natural, she is also a natural herself and wears locs.

Before I went I had been bored with my hair for a while. It was taking me ages to decide on doing something as in the past, boredom always spelt disaster however one day I just made the choice and decided to go ahead and get something done.

As I had not been in at least 3 years so I was nervous before going, I even packed my own hair products (The design essentials range) and detangled myself the night before.


In big twists ready for action…

When I got there the salon was clean and calm and friendly. The girl that combed out the big twists I had put in did so gently from ends to root which I was pleased about so I need not have worried.

So what did I have done? I decided to have a splash of colour on, a little copper to brighten up my life. This was applied just to the front area of my hair.  I sat with it on for a while, chatting to the other ladies in the salon. I was even offered tea.

They use the Kera Care Natural’s range for naturalista’s like us. You can even buy them there. However because I had come with my own products they used them. My hair was washed and conditioned and the colour came out exactly as I wanted – well it had to didn’t it, think of the salon’s name.

I wanted to do a roller set but it wasn’t quite working for my hair so decided to get it blowdried. To be honest I am not scared of the dryer, I don’t mind having it dried a few times a year. However my only criticism is the hair drying was too much, it was dried until it was straight as a bone and then the lady kept going even past the point of it being dry. They did put a heat protector on so I didn’t suffer heat damage but I am not used to my hair being dried so much. After the dryer Jacquie came and styled it with a hair curler (more heat) it looked nice though.


Feeling this colour –  not feeling that I didn’t have any make up on haha

So I won’t opt for that finishing next time. Yes, there will be a next time…I would defiantly go back, sometimes just having your hair washed by someone else is a nice treat and it’s a welcoming friendly place.  They have products we could use or you can take your own and I drove and found parking easy. It was £60 for the whole thing, very reasonable considering other salons plus Jacquie is highly skilled and I would be confident to go to her for any sort of cut, colour or styling.

So just in time for this glorious season I went all coppery.  My mum liked it too!

If you want to find more details of this salon’s or others near you, have a look on my salon directory