Salon Review – Junior Green’s in Knightsbridge

Junior Green is an award winning hair stylist with a salon based in Knightsbridge. When I was contacted by his PR company for a visit I must admit I had two feelings. The first one was curiosity, could this award winning stylist do natural hair? This enticed me to agree to the visit I really want to give you options on places to go. The second straight after was nerves and I wondered why I agreed, everything on the website was relaxer styling, would they have the products or the ability to do my hair?

I remember double checking with the PR agent if the salon dealt with natural hair and what products they used. They of course confirmed that they did.  So, if they had seen my face when I first entered the salon on Saturday they might have been laughing. I probably had raised eyebrows as relaxers where being done everywhere and no matter what you do if a salon does relaxer you can’t hide the sodium hydroxide smell so I smiled a nervous smile and sat in the waiting area.
Before Hair. 
I was greeted by Junior who took a look at my hair, I have been wearing it out alot lately so it was really dry, also I had not had a good trim or cut for at least 6 months perhaps even longer so he said he would give it a treatment and a trim. I mentioned that I had used Kera Care natural textures before so that is what presumed they would use on me as I thought I saw it on the shelves.

My hair was shampooed, then the treatment was put on and combed through, then I was put under the dryer for 20 minutes where I enjoyed a little nap.

Ready for the dryer…

I forgot how nice it was to have someone else to wash my hair and massage my scalp it was heavenly.

Afterwards Junior blow dried my hair. He explained that he needed to do this because it was the only way to get a proper straight trim. I had not blow dried in ages so I was fine with it.

Junior the man himself blow-drying my hair – he has a great personality

After my fantastic trim my hair was styled in this simple bun and I went home.

Bun to finish 
Back at home 

The salon was lovely, nicely decorated bright and airy. The staff were all very friendly and I was offered magazines or a drink regularly. I felt welcome and did not feel out of place and I think these things should be normal when visiting a salon but often are not. The salon is also in a fantastic location.

Look how lovely the salon is inside

The cost of this service would have been £100 something that is not in my budget. It goes down depending on who you have styling your hair but at these prices I probably wouldn’t be going again. Today my hair feels alot drier than normal so perhaps it hated the blow-drying or possibly the products. I went online to look them up and give you a list but in reality I can’t be sure if they used the natural textures range or the normal range. This is because the products in the normal range often have the same name and I didn’t see the bottle closely.

For example there are two types of 1st lather shampoo with Kera care, one is sulphate free and one is classic. Only now I can see the difference but on a salon shelf I wouldn’t have looked that closely. 

which is which?

Well whatever they used my hair did not like it so I would say great salon, great people and now they just need a great list of services and products tailored to us to get more of us through the doors.

Junior Green – Afro Hair Salon London
39 Knightsbridge

To Book an appointment call: 0207 752 0620
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  1. Thank you for a very honest review.

  2. Great review, I wonder if they would be open to you bringing your own products. To be honest naturals are hugely picky about how hair should feel after a treatment, so that might be a good step.

  3. I agree with JC- bringing your own products would be a good idea but sometimes I feel like that sort of defeats the purpose of going to a salon. If you’re bringing your own products, surely you might as well do your hair yourself? Would it be worth £100 if you brought your own products? I wonder.

    Personally, I think your hair looks lovely! Glad to hear they have good customer service and friendly staff. That’s something that sadly, I hardly see in black hair salons.

  4. Great to see a review that is honest and genuine. However, I don’t think the bun was done that well. He could easily have taken a boar bristle brush with a little gel to get a much smoother look – especially on the back. Don’t think I’ll be going there.

    I recommend Tiff in 3 thirty salon. She is amazing with every single hair type – european, curly, afro, wavy. I’ve recommended quite a few people and everyone has loved it. You can see my review here:

    Everyone that has gone seems to love it!

  5. Interesting! I liked the bun for the reason that Lela disliked it lol. I personally do not like buns done with gel/brushes because to me those little curly wisps are cute.

  6. The salon does look lovely! I also miss having someone else wash my hair but most natural hair salons are really expensive. The ambience look good, it’s unfortunate that there are few “black salons” that keep these standards. It can’t be that hard.

    I think your hair felt dry because of the heat, it’s easier to see the difference if you don’t use it for a long time.I wonder if there is any stylist who would consider washing and doing the treatment and just putting the hair in large braids and let it air-dry. It’s what I do to my own hair but it sure would be nice to have someone else do it for a change.

  7. Stayopenminded says:

    Good review. I guess as Naturals we now feel empowered from knowing our hair and what it looks and we will always give stylist the side eye as WE know a little something now. LOL

    I guess the key is to be open minded and communicate the outcome of your vist.

    Establish WHY your are visiting is it for styling,colouring or just a good old pampering.

    I personally like the bun as it’s simple but nice.

    I do plan on visiting 3thirty due to ALL the positive reviews i have read.I have already emailed them and they replied fast. 🙂

  8. I’m always pleased know about new natural hair salons. One day I’d like to treat myself to visit there. Junior Green is amazing.

  9. I like going to this salon but the only down side is the inexplicable waiting around, your stylist would start on your head and vanish for 10 minutes, and then return and vanish again. It’s unfair on customers to try and look after 2 people at the same time really! Lack of focus from the staff even senior boarding on arrogant… Not sure I will go there again.