Seriously, planes dry out your hair! – Time to Spritz

Hello I am back and feeling fantastic, I hope you have all have been well. My next few posts will be all the things I discovered about my holiday. I have to say it was my first real natural holiday as the last one I had twists in with a little extension hair.

So first things first, the flight is around 9 hours so that dry air circulating the cabin around and around (you know the stuff that makes people catch colds) was not doing me any good. I did drink lots of water but my skin and hair was starting to get really dry in fact my scalp starting itching. For those of you that saw me the day before I had rows in the front with the back of my hair loose. But I decided to twist up the back the night before so it was not as if my hair was loose. One thing I really really needed (but didn’t have) was my spritz bottle.

So that’s Lesson 1 – Pack your spritz bottle in your hand luggage.

It would have to be a small one like this because you know they have restrictions on the way out. Make sure it has a lid because on the way back we were not allowed any liquid, gels or creams in our handbags at all! Every country has different rules.

Many naturals swear by spritizing, some even have a bottle on their desk at work. Spritzing adds moisture to your hair and scalp and you can use it on loose hair or twists. Once I started spritzing I noticed that my hair did soften up and felt great so in my spritz bottle at home I have (and I don’t measure I just put them all in a bottle and shake)

Leave in conditioner
Water (it should be distilled but I will get there one day)
Jojoba oil
Vegetable glycerine
and a few drops essential oil (At the moment its peppermint)

On my website – the video of the fortnight shows you how to make it as they use exactly the same ingredients as me.

Do you spritz?
What do you have in your spritz bottle?



  1. Before i read
    I have really missed your Blog
    You have made alot of changes.

  2. I spritz. And my poor tired dry hair is soo thirsty aaaalll the time it doesn’t seem to matter how much water i drink the fro just can’t get enough. I think I need to live in a fresh water lake!
    Theres only plain water in my bottle at the mo but i’m gonna try your formula it sounds good.
    BTW welcome back. x

  3. @Robyn lovely to hear from you.

    @TK, hope you like the concoction