Shielo Hair – Moisturising Shampoo and Reflecting Conditioner

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I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when Angel from The Natural Lounge asked me to review a Shampoo and Conditioner sample by Shielo Hair. Shielo Hair Technology and Care was founded in New York City in 2001. In 2007 they brought their products out of the Salon, and launched them amongst the general, buying public.

Me Rae 

To date, Shielo have developed their Volume Collection and a Color Protect Line,as well as patenting Strand Guard and Spatial Expanse Technologies, aimed atprotecting hair colours and improving the look and feel of damaged and weakened hair.

Now let me get down to what you really want to know.

The products I sampled were Shielo’s Hydrate Moisturising Shampoo and Color Protect Reflecting Conditioner.

The key ingredients for the Shampoo are listed as White Tea, Shea Butter, Hibiscus and Vanilla Cactus, but the main ingredients list names more than a few ‘ates, ‘xides, and ‘iums for my liking. The product is labelled as sulphate free.

Shielo’s Hydrate Moisturising Shampoo

The Conditioner claims to ‘protect and preserve color’, is also sulphate free and
contains extracts of Cactus, Hibiscus, Horsetail, and White Tea, as well as Shea
Butter and Acai.

Shielo’s Color Protect Reflecting Conditioner.

I’ll be honest here and say that the Hydrating Shampoo was not a hit with me. I haven’t used a regular shampoo in my hair since February this year, but when I do, I use a Babassu Shampoo Bar (Anita Grant). Maybe I’m not used to the feel of shampoo in my hair anymore? Maybe I’m just too fussy? Whatever; I know I didn’t like it at all.

In fairness to the shampoo, it did lather up really nicely; isn’t that a trick of Sulphates? It also cleaned my hair really well, but after rinsing twice my hair felt a bit dry and tacky. The visible texture/curl pattern of my hair wasn’t the same as it usually is after it’s washed either. No bueno.

Lathers quite nicely and cleans hair really well
But after rinsing it felt tacky and dry..
The Conditioner I fell in love with and would happily use again! It smells really nice – a bit like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner – and its consistency was smooth and thick. The small sample size was surprisingly more than enough to use in my hair and was an absolute dream to use.

The conditioner has a nice consistency and fragrance 
Instructions on the Shielo website say that the Conditioner should be left on the hair for just 45 seconds…I don’t know about you, but I don’t really stick to timing guidelines, so once I got my nose out of the jar, I slapped it on and left it to work its magic for 30 minutes before rinsing with luke-warm water.

I really liked the feel of it on my hair.

After rinsing the Conditioner out I was really impressed with the look and feel of my hair. My usual texture and curl pattern had returned, and although my hair looked dry, it was clear to see that my hair was well conditioned and moisturised to the touch.

I towel-dried (couldn’t find my t-shirt anywhere!) and followed up with a little Hair Butter and Balm (courtesy of Naturally Sexy) and my home-made Spritz for that all important overnight moisture retention!

Scores on the board:
Hydrate Moisturising Shampoo = 7 out of 10

Gets your hair squeaky clean, but sucks the life out of it in the process.

Colour Protect Reflecting Conditoner = 9 out of 10

For more information about Shielo Hair visit thier website at

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