(Sigh) Product companies please rethink your packaging.

This my readers is a box, inside are lots of little bits of polystyrene. It was used to wrap three bottles.

Ok so that was one of my worst examples but I do often receive natural products in boxes or packaging way bigger than needed. The product will be in a box hidden in these polystyrene chips, then also wrapped in bubble wrap, then tissue paper then ribbons and more seriously the list is endless.

I know that when we receive a product some of us like it to be packaged nicely but this over packaging is excessive and not needed. Half the stuff is in a plastic bottle that cant smash or break.

I am disappointed because I wrongly assumed that any company who had concern about the toxins we were putting on our skin or hair would obviously care about the toxins and chemicals we have in the environment.  I would expect that they would use packaging that we can recycle and if they can’t, that they would use the least amount needed.  I can see now that only a few companies really do this.

I am a forced/avid recycler. Forced because where we live  there are five bins we have to recycle. Put the wrong thing in the wrong bin and they won’t take it (yes scary).  Avid because I care about the world in which we live and I hate to see wastage.  I implore all natural product companies who are reading this right now to have a rethink on how they are packaging products and cut down where needed. Afterall won’t you save money too?

Just to end. I once received a product wrapped in tissue paper with a pretty sticker to seal it. It was packaged in a cardboard box just right for its size.  I recycled it all apart from the sticker and even managed to recycle the container the product came in afterwards.  We are more than just our hair.



  1. Good shout Angel.

    Sometimes compaines forget that their message needs to be consistent in not only the words they use in their marketing but also in how they operate on a day to day basis.

    I hope you’ve sent your concerns directly to them because brands do need to understand that many consumers are becoming more and more conscious of where they spend their money.