Skin and Hair Care Product Making Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to make your own products? I sometimes do, in fact at home I’ve got a big pot of unrefined Shea Butter and some Jojoba Oil. If I whipped them up correctly with perhaps a couple of other things I could make a fantastic moisturiser for my skin and probably save me some money as well.

On the 29th April the Calabash Hub is holding a ‘Skin and Hair Care Product Making Workshop’ It’s a one day workshop and you learn to formulate your own products. There will also be some presentations which include: Lola’s curls presenting the top 10 ingredients and clays and discussing the wonders of herbs.  

The Event takes place at Cottons Rhum Shack in Islington and there are limited spaces. Tickets are £18 and for more information visit



  1. On my own opinion, I think that its really great to have this Skin and Hair Care Product Making Workshop. I know that it would be a great opportunity to learn new skills. I know that many people are also interested to join this workshop.