Small steps to a Natural Lifestyle

Currently my shower gel is not 100% natural

Yes I hear you gasp in shock and horror. Here I am talking about all these wondrous natural products to put on your hair and I even had a list of things to avoid because they have cancer causing chemicals inside but I don’t use a natural shower gel! (Whilst I’m confessing I also use bleach to clean my home, wear perfume and nail polish)

Don’t get me wrong, I have in the past and then when it ran out what I bought next really depended on time, convenience and money.

The other day I went past The Bodyshop. I haven’t been in there in years. Whilst the products might be kind to the earth sometimes the ingredients don’t look that kind to us.  
I saw a showergel in there which for me is halfway to being natural. A definite step up from what I had before Have you seen this range?

I bought it the watermelon one and I like it, It smells lovely.  When it runs out I might buy it again it was £5. Or I might buy the £10+delivery on a completely natural one online. I know I will never again buy the £1 on a chemical filled, special offer one in a high street chemist I have finally moved on.

For me when I went natural, my mindset changed and I had the desire to lead a more natural lifestyle. So changing my showergel is a small step towards that.  I’ve taken other steps; I don’t drink fizzy drinks, only eat brown rice at home, exercise a lot more…the list is endless.  Outside of me I know that I recycle more, walk more, buy locally where possible and I feel great doing it. 

I wonder what other small changes I could make and I need some ideas so what do you do in your lifestyle that is natural? Have you made any small changes? 



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  2. Naturalisgreat says:

    Being natural has helped me to open my eyes and think outside the box.When shopping i don’t buy any skincare/hair product without checking the ingredients as i ain’t fooled by all the companies TRYING to get some of the natural pound! LOL

    I have made a lot of changes and one product at a time but i still need to find a good cheap natural co-wash to use.

  3. I can totally relate to what you’re saying, Angel. My hair’s been natural for about 20 years, yet it’s only in the last year or so, that I’ve been “waking up” to what I’ve been putting on my skin and my mouth. The more I read and research…the more anxious I’ve become. Like you, I’m now trying to take small steps – (including eating brown rice! LOL) and I also want to have a go at making my own skincare and investigate natural cleaning products. I’m a realist, and I know it’ll take years to undo and re-train my lifestyle habits, but I have to start somewhere!

  4. Umm. I kinda slipped into using “natural/organic/safe synth”. I found that I like using natural products better. For instance I LOVE Lush products, Australian Organics these brands have a larger product range so I explored there other products too. As far as organic food I do want to make that move eventually however I’m not quite ready now – financially however I have stopped eating processed food and started drinking more water so I would say going natural has been the catalyst to making some good changes in my life!