So you have gone natural, but would you go nude?

I was lucky to be in contact with a fantastic lady called Louise Sam. She has been natural most of her life with only a brief four year spell of straightening when she was a teenager.  As well as a UK Natural, Louise is also a photographer who specialises in nude portraits. . Here is what she had to say about it. 
Louise Sam 

How do you wear your hair day to day – what products do you use?
At the moment my hair is in short twists which I find easy to maintain. I am a medical herbalist so I make most of the products that I use. To cleanse my hair I use a natural shampoo base and add vegetable oils and essential oils to nourish and rehydrate my hair. Occasionally I also use a herbal infusion as a final rinse to condition my hair. To moisturise my hair and scalp I make a balm with a beeswax base. The great thing about using natural ingredients is that you know that there are no harmful chemicals going into your products and they are affordable.

Yes it’s true, going natural has saved my pocket. So you said you straightened your hair for a while, why did you decide to go back to natural?
At first I became fed up with the constant up-keep of having my hair straightened. It was too expensive, painful and it restricted me doing simple things like swimming. I was being controlled by my own hair. The more I looked into it the more I learnt how damaging straightening products are and how unnatural it was to try and destroy a part of me that made me uniquely African.

I grew out the straightener and since then I have enjoyed the versatility of being able to wear my hair in some many different styles of cornrows, twists, in an afro and locks. I have experienced some negativity from other women when we discuss the physical and psychological aspects of straightening the hair. However, most of the comments that I receive have been positive and I respect that every woman is experiencing this journey in her own way.    

So lets talk about your work, how did you get into this form of photography?
As a herbalist and as a photographer I am interested in the way the that body is formed, how it moves and how it develops. Also, as with our hair, women of African origin are physically different to females of other races and I find that this has not been positively celebrated in the media. Because of this we are left with confusion and hatred about our own bodies. I chose to do this form of photography to be a part of changing these views and help women accept and enjoy their bodies.

Many people say that wearing your hair natural is a true expression of self acceptance do people say this about nude photography?
Nude photography, as with wearing your hair in a natural style, is an expression towards self acceptance. For African women the idea of being nude causes us to deal with our insecurities including: femininity, body shape and size and even complexion.  I feel that nude photography enables us to take the steps towards addressing some of these issues.

Getting photographed nude is a bit scary, with all your bits on show, why do people have it done and who do they show it to when it’s finished?
Women do the photo shoot to have a memory of themselves at a certain time of their life such as during pregnancy, to build self-esteem after a stressful period in their lives or to share with their partner. 

Wow I never thought of that, a pregnancy photo must be beautiful. What other sort of people does it attract? Only the fittest, most confident size 8’s?
The photo shoot attracts African women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

I had planned to take up the service myself and present my finished photos to my other half but when told him about it, he put me off, he thought it was some sort of sex meet up (yes he did really) do you come across these attitudes?
For any worried partners it is definitely not that type of thing. I want the women that I work with to feel as comfortable as possible and reassure them that I work alone so it is just me and them in a secure space. I also have discussions prior to the shoot so that the women feel as safe as possible with me.

I am really starting to see the beauty in it, but I have too many wobbly bits can you hide my big bum?
It’s completely up to each woman what she wants to show or hide. We can focus on particular areas of the body or use fabrics or jewellery to cover certain areas. The main thing is that each woman feels comfortable and relaxed during the shoot.

Awww fab, it sounds quite lovely actually Have you ever done anyone famous?
Couldn’t say!

So where can the readers go for more information
For more information please contact Louise on 07539 948 166 or email: Click on the image below to view her special offer

So readers watch this space, you never know I might just do it I went natural in 2010 I might be nude in 2011! Is this something that would ever interest you?   


  1. Boudoir photography is really taking off especially for weddings (my other love!).

    I do think that nudes can be very artistic.

  2. Dionne Ible says:

    Loving this interview Angel! I only started thinking about doing nude photography in my latter years after seeing various poses of models and celebrities giving it a bash and having read this interview would feel extremely liberated to have a go. I wouldn’t go completely starcass though but would use fabric strategically placed to obtain a certain feel. I think now is the time to do this before all my bits really start to take a hike! lol! If you manage to find 12 natural lounge women who want to give it a go you might just be able to create a calendar out of it!

  3. Waiting for you Angel! Been a long time

  4. @Dionne love your idea for the calender! that would be amazing!!!

  5. I think it’s a beautiful idea and I would do it, but I would pose strategically so as not to show off any of “the good china”, as my mother would say (LOL!).

  6. @JC wow so people do it as a wedding gift to each other?

    @Dionne a calendar sounds fab

    @Emeka, yeah….I know, I need to visit more blogs its all about having the time!

    @Matilda, wow, at least there is me and you, now we need 10 more women

    @Amanda, yes….you know we could all do it for a charity….or something…