Special Event – Supernatural Day! Coming soon….


Adornment365 Salon is delighted to partner with The Natural Lounge to launch ‘SUPERNATURAL’ – the first of our open days for Natural Hair and Locks Wearers in 2011. Much like The Natural Lounge, the Adornment Group (Exhibition www.adornment.org.uk and Salon) has been committed to educating and showcasing the natural hair sector for a decade in the UK and across Europe.

On Sunday 27th Feb – Adornment365 Salon will be opened exclusively for friends of The Natural Lounge. The morning session (11.00am -1.30pm) will be dedicated to all you pre-naturals and transitioners.

The Adornment365 Styling team will be on-hand to answer questions about holistic natural haircare and how nutrition relates. There will also be styling demos, a session on products and mini-treatments from our beauty team.

The afternoon session (2.30-5.00pm) will be for more seasoned natural hair and locks wearers. We’ll be talking about haircare, nutrition (so often overlooked), demonstrating advanced styling options, getting the inside track on products. Again our beauticians offer mini facials, massages, eyebrow shaping, etc.

The Adornment365 Styling Team will be on-hand for mini-consultations….so get questions ready and we’ll tackle your common hair challenges.

Discounted appointments will be bookable on the day and everyone gets a complimentary Goody Bag.

Guests presenters will include: Sophia Hermitt (Salon Manager/Naturopath, Adornment365 LTD), Aubrey Organics and MAC. Margot Rodway-Brown (Director, Adornment Group) and Angel Smith (Founder,The Natural Lounge) will also be around to chat about how we can improve the offer for Natural Hair Wearers in the UK.

Finally, how about an opportunity to show-off your individual creativity and be rewarded for it?! Expect special prizes for the most inspiring styles on the day!!!

It’s going to be a great day of inspiration, sharing and networking!

Due to space restrictions this is a ticket only event and non ticket holders will not be permitted.

Tickets and more details will be available for sale on The Natural Lounge on the 5th February – I really hope to see you all there 🙂


  1. This sounds great! Would you mind if I put this up on The Natural Afro Hair & Sisterlocks Meetup Group under you running it? I think a lot of my members would like to go.

  2. Not a problem 🙂 I should say that there are only 60 tickets 30 for the morning 30 for the afternoon.

  3. Hi Angel,

    I attended their expo back in 2007! It was GREAT! Nice to know they’re still about, I’ve been waiting for them to do something. How much are tix?

  4. Hi I really want to come to this how much are the tickets?

  5. @ Chanpagne and TK fab I cant wait to see you there – I will post price, location etc on the 5th

  6. So Yesterday I took my farce self into Morleys to go to the adornment salon to see if I could buy a ticket. I was so proud of myself being in the right part of town on the right day at the right time…but thetr was no Adornment! Unless I’ve gone mad or blind or both I swear it was not there on the 2nd floor like it usually is. Whats going on where did it go? :{

  7. @TK – hun lol how did you go all the way there and not find it – I had better put a better location map. You cant buy tickets at the salon – they will turn you away, you have to get them from this website

  8. Lol I know!! Seriously thought it had moved and no one had told me! Its a good job I didn’t find it though as you say I can’t buy the tickets from there so i’m gonna sort myself with a ticket right now!