Stone Bridge – Hair Accessories for Curly Hair

Stone Bridge is an online hair accessories company based in Kent.  Before you buy you can take a survey to tell them about your hair and then they email you recommendations which is quite a good service.

Their product range has items especially designed for thick curly hair. They even have a YouTube channel which shows you how to use some of their items. I took the survey and was recommended The Ficcare Maximas Clip. I was sent the largest.

Ficcare Maximas Clip – Primavera Lavender £36.00

They claim that customers with hair like mine love it because they are big and strong enough to hold our hair. They are handmade so that there are no sharp edges to damage the hair and the design lies comfortably against our hair.

It is a nice clip but unfortunately my hair when loose was just too thick for it. I wanted to do one of those rolls but it did not work.  I managed to just about clip up some twists with it. 

Just about secured my twists  – could not use on loose hair. 

I think if you have slightly thinner hair or a looser curl pattern you would be able to create some lovely styles with this.  I think I need the extra extra large and that does not yet exisit!

I also got sent three French U Pins. According to them, the U pin is one of the oldest and kindest ways to secure our hair. The shape dates back to ancient times. The pins on their website are cut and shaped completely by hand ensuring that they are smooth with no sharp edges to snag on our curls.  

Handmade French U Pin £16.90 Each

These pins were so pretty and I was desperate to try them out.  I even watched their tutorial on how to use them. They are so smooth they feel lovely against my scalp but sadly I could not find a style to do with them either.  Agggh the perils of having the thickest hair.

What is it they say? “Everything aint for Everybody”

You can visit Stone Bridge’s Website at


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