Styling Workshop at The Natural Lounge Swap/Meet

I’m pleased to announce that for the Natural Lounge Swap/Meet on the 6th April (Get tickets here)

Tope Beesley of Mahogany Naturals is coming along to do a styling workshop. During the workshop she will show you live how to do some simple styles. Tope runs a spa and salon in Milton Keynes and works with natural hair creating some beautiful styles.

Tope Beesley Styling

Tope, at her last styling workshop


This is the kind of thing she does at her salon.


I really like her flat twists

For more information about the day or to get tickets please visit

There will be so many things to swap if 50 of you attend and each of you bring 10 things that’s 500 things! Imagine if 100 of you turn up its going to be so much fun.