Surya Brasil Colour Fixation Range


I had a section of my hair coloured in December 2013 and it has grown out a bit since then, now the colour is on the tips but I like it a lot. I have never used special products for colour treated hair so last weekend was a first for me.

I decided to try out Surya Brasil’s Colour Fixation Range which is ideal for use after Henna or chemically treated hair. So if you have either of those read on.

Surya Brasil is a vegan natural product company that uses sustainable Amazonian plants in their products.  The Colour Fixation range contains plant based proteins which replenish the hairs natural shine and radiance. The range also contains exotic nut butters and plant oils which provide natural antioxidant and UV protection from the damaging effects of the sun. It contains no SLS’s artificial colouring, fragrance, parabens or mineral oils/GMO’s. The range is available in a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, hair mask and single treatment mask.

To be honest I was tempted to use Surya Brasil’s Henna Cream. It is a pre mixed hair dye (I had black but it comes in lots of colours) that is safe to use on top my colour but I like my hair colour and they say it covers grey upon first application so I decided against it for now.

Colour on the tips

Colour on the tips – Before the wash.

I went straight to the Restorative Shampoo and in short this stuff was good for my hair. It had no lather and no smell to me so I wasn’t sure about it, but when I rinsed my hair, I knew it had cleaned it and my hair felt soft and not stripped.


£9.99 (for more information and list of the full ingredients listing click the image)

I couldn’t believe it when I was done, look how it came out just after the shampoo, my curls looked so curly I could have actually (yes me, 4B/C hair) left the house with a wash and go, my hair looked like a twist out.  I also liked the cap on the bottle and found the product easy to dispense.


IMG_20150125_121125 My Hair after the shampoo…so so curly

Next I decided to do the Restorative Hair mask, and as the directions said I put it all over my damp shampooed hair for 20 mins.


£9.99 (for more information and full ingredients list, click the image)

No plastic caps fit on my head, so when I do deep conditioning now I just use cling film. I buy the value range from any supermarket and wrap my head in that and then either go under the steamer, or on this occasion just wrap my head with the towel.


Me and my cling film hahahaha

The curls stayed in after the deep condition but I have a hair mask that I already love so I wouldn’t say it was better or worse than that one. It was good though and I am confident to give it a small thumbs up.

Finally I applied the leave in conditioner, I think I really like products that make my hair smell fresh and nice, but this didn’t have a scent. I was tempted to leave it at that, the curls were lovely but I didn’t trust just letting it dry and living my life so I two strand twisted it with the leave in and then wore the twist out all week.


£9.99 (for more information and full ingredients list, click the image)


I really think the leave in gave it a really nice shine and I couldn’t stop touching my hair as it felt moisturised. It’s been so cold here and my hair has spent a lot of time under my scarf and woolly hat, yet everyone said my hair looked lovely, even people that don’t usually comment on my hair, so I think I will be adding these products to my favourites list.


The shine and the colour after the leave in was lovely!!! This was when I had undone the twists.


I also liked the definition when I did the twist out.

For more information or to buy the products visit

Let me know if you use special shampoos for coloured hair and what you think of them.




  1. I use Shea Moisture as its colour safe but I also use products for dry damaged hair like ORS Hairepair nothing specially for colour treated hair.