Teen Vouge Cover Amandla Stenberg.

It might surprise you to know that I don’t read teen vogue 🙂 however the February issue really caught my eye with this stunning cover. I wondered who this fabulous natural was:

amandla stenberg

image credit:teenvouge

So after having a read it turns out I have been way out of the loop, she was interviewed by Solange Knowles in the article and her name is Amandla Stenberg. She is an actress from The Hunger Games (Rue, if you watched it remember that little black girl) and she has also done a video which you can see here called “Don’t cash Crop on my Cornrows”.

In the interview which is really good  Amandla discusses that video, her natural hair, and some of her experiences. To top it off the pictures of her are stunning.

I’m so pleased to see a magazine aimed at teenaged girls showing the beauty of a natural fro it all serves to encourage them that wearing their hair out is ok and by the time they are my age natural hair won’t be a thing, a fad or a movement it will just be the norm. Times are changing peeps.

Read the full interview here