The Afrodeity Castor Oil Challenge

Its not too late for me to say Happy New Year Readers. I hope you had a wonderful festive season. Thank you so much for following my blog in 2012 I hope this next year ahead I will keep your readership as I will continue to try my hardest to provide you with the lowdown on our UK natural hair scene and talk about hair and body products which are suitable for all naturals from anywhere in the world.

So Its 2013 and everyone is in that happy mode where they look to the year ahead with joy and anticipation.  Lots of people are talking about goals and are trying to start a new lifestyle (trust me my gym is full).   I know that many of you want hair growth this year so I thought I would let you know that you  have one day left to join the join the Afrodeity Castor Oil Challenge.

Many naturals report hair thickening and growth from using Castor Oil

If you have not heard of it its a three month challenge where to encourage hair growth you have to add castor oil three times a week to your hair There is more information on this link let me know if you decide to take part. Information Link

I think I am going to do it on my edges and see if it makes any difference. They have always been pretty fine from my relaxed days and have never really grown in but I will see if its genetics or they just need extra care.

Oh well that’s all for now folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend.