The GHE Hair Challenge by Natures Parlour

Whoo its about time for another challenge and everyone is talking about this one. 

Nature’s Parlour is launching an international hair growth challenge using the greenhouse effect (GHE) hair growth method. This entails having what are in essence regular, prolonged hot oil treatments which have been shown to have positive results for those who’ve tried it. 

Reports of one inch of hair growth each month are not uncommon for those who have regularly used this method. To launch the challenge, Nature’s Parlour is giving away a free bottle of olive oil and a free bottle of castor oil to all who wish to participate throughout the month of March!

So what is the GHE growth method?
Well GHE is for ‘Greenhouse Effect’ it involves putting oil on damp or dry hair, covering it with a shower cap, fixing in place with a do-rag/scarf and then a towel/hat to keep the head warm and thus having a prolonged, deep, hot oil treatment. This should be done every night and, if possible, during the day too. Basically as often as possible whilst growing the hair. The result is highly moisturised hair, reduced itchy scalp, improved scalp health and accelerated hair growth. This can be done on natural or relaxed hair.

Nature’s Parlour is encouraging customers to post pictures of their hair growth progress to their blog, Facebook group, Facebook page and YouTube channel. “Black and mixed race people often feel that their potential to have very long hair is limited. With processes like GHE and other hair care routines which involve keeping hair moisturised, Nature’s Parlour would like to encourage people to grow their hair in a fun way and with fellow support from everyone involved” – Xina Broderick, Director of Nature’s Parlour.

So what are you waiting for? click the link below to get your free samples and take part

Let me know how you get on.