The Happiest Day of My Life

The morning of my wedding I was so excited I woke up at 6am! I didn’t feel nervous because I knew I was marrying my lover, my best friend and mentor.  I lay there remembering his proposal (click here to read it) and marvelled how quick the time had flown by.

He was the first person I spoke to that day. He called me from his hotel room it seems like he couldn’t sleep either.  We were both looking forward to the day. After his call I lay in bed and read for a while until I heard my bridesmaid get up and then I knew it was time for me to also get ready and here is what I wore; 

The Dress

My dress was a Hilary Morgan style – when people talk about finding ‘the one’ this dress was it for me. It was beautiful and simple and every time I wore it I felt so elegant in it.

The Shoes

Finding shoes was really difficult for me, I wanted low heeled but opened toed, I bought these shoes which were plain but one of my bridesmaids put these lovely diamanté stones on them.

The Hair
I know that there are an array of natural hairstyles, but in the end I decided to go for a simple cinabun style. One of my bridesmaids decorated it with pearl hair pins.  I didn’t want something too complicated, I knew I wanted an up do and I wanted something that I knew would suit my dress and accessories.
This is the bouquet I chose. 

From that morning phone call right up until until I lay to rest at night all I felt was Joy. I will say that it was the happiest day of my life so far I cannot wait to experience this next chapter. 

Crying Tears of Joy when getting ready – lucky mum was there. 
Me with my beautiful bridesmaids 
Ok –  I know I am not smiling here but I wanted you to see my hair and accessories 

My Lovely Groom

I have hundreds of photographs to look through and decide which to keep, which to frame and which to bin but hope you liked these few that I shared with you. 



  1. You look gorgeous! Congratulations to you and the Mr. Wishing you both a blessed married life together x

  2. Congratulations Angel. So beautiful.

    Your bridesmaid did a wonderful job with those pretty shoes.

    Much love

  3. You look stunning!

    Congratulations to you and your husband. May you experience love and togetherness on another level.

  4. Congratulations Angel

    These are great pictures! I have been looking forward to seeing pictures of your hairstyle (I need some inspiration for myself for next week!).

  5. Congratulations Angel! You looked beautiful! I wish you both a long and joy-filled marriage! x

  6. Congratulations Angel hun, you look gorgeous and you and mother looks so much alike.
    You and your hubby make a wonderful couple.
    Wishing you both all the best and the rest of your lives filled with blessings, joy, peace, happiness and love.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us :).

  7. Gorgeous! I’m glad that you were happy and congratulations!

  8. you look gorgeous, Angel!!! Congrats!!

  9. Once again, CONGRATS! You looked absolutely beautiful! Love your colour scheme, AND the hair, WOW! Lovely. May you have many many happy years together :0)

  10. So pretty! Congratulations!

  11. Love the hair, the pics, the post, the shebang. I have been looking forward to see the wedding pics and you looked lovely. So glad you had a wonderful time.

  12. Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations! You looked lovely! Your hair style was very pretty.