The Inversion Method – Grow an inch of hair in a week!


Bloggers are talking about it, on Youtube there are videos about it, hell even on Instagram there are people taking photos on it but what is the Inversion Method?

Google it and you will find that quite simply you are to massage your head with warm oil every night and hold your head upside down for a period of time and then my dear readers, after only one week you will see an inch of growth. To some this will sound interesting, for others bad science and for a few of you, you might be tempted to give it a go.

There are rules though, lots of rules for health reasons, don’t delve in if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure etc etc and you should make sure you read them all before starting. Since I am on my no scissors year I decided that for you folks I would give it an honest try and see if it works. Did my hair grow an inch in a week?


First thing Sunday morning, no make up is not a pretty sight

Sorry – first thing Sunday morning, no make up is not a pretty sight

Sunday – Length Check
I measured my hair and just under my fingers, that length was 12 inches, not all round though and to be honest I think I am definitely going to aim for 12 inches all round. Then I washed it and that evening I was ready to begin. Now the experiment nearly ended right there as I was ready for bed and thought ‘oh let me quickly do this inversion before I go to sleep’. Somewhere along the line I had not read the instructions properly and didn’t realise I had to heat the oil.  I wasn’t going to bother as it was late and I didn’t want to get up but I had to make this a true experiment so I dug out something suitable to put the oil in. This is where applicator bottles come in useful.  I chose a little ramekin dish and shoved that in the microwave for about 30 seconds. I didn’t heat too much as I felt like seven days of putting oil on your head would create a too much build up. It was warm not hot when I had it, and I literally dipped my finger in it and ran it all over my scalp. Then I mentally parted my scalp into four sections and massaged each section for 1 minute each. I used a scalp oil that I already have. (Review here)

Now my yoga is not that strong to hold a back bend or a headstand for 4 mins – the minimum required time for an inversion so I laid on my bed and just hung my head off the end. This seems to work for others who have tried it. I have even seen some hanging their head over the kitchen sink (not for me) so this was my best option. 4 mins went by quickly I just thought through the day and that was that.

Monday  to Wednesday – Same old stuff
Nothing really to report here, just shoved on the oil massaged, hung over the bed and that was that.

Thursday – upped the anti
My head was not greasy at all, although my hair does get dry in the winter, I was also starting to enjoy the little nightly massage I was doing . In our busy lives taking some time every day to pamper yourself is needed. This day I decided to add a little more oil than I had been doing and I mixed in some JBCO in my ramakin and upped my inversion time to 6 minutes (really not sure if you are supposed to do this)

Friday and Saturday – Itchy Itch Itch
My hair was still not greasy this surprised me, I feel like my scalp was just drinking the oil I even decided to put more. Perhaps I was getting carried away as on these two days the itching started, not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing but my head started feeling really itchy.

Sunday  – Final Day
So did it work, I presume that’s why you are still reading….drum roll please….

My hair grew exactly zero inches that’s right nada, nothing, not even a centimetre anywhere. The inversion didn’t do ish for me. I could not even be bothered to take a photo.  If it works for you perhaps you have some tips on where I went wrong.

This story has three morals

  1. What works for the goose is not always good for the gander (please don’t ask me to explain the saying)
  2. You can’t force your body to do something, your hair will grow at the rate and speed it’s supposed to – concentrate on hair health and you will enjoy it more and the length will come as a secondary
  3. On that note a nightly massage on your scalp is heavenly, go spoil yourselves!


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  1. This really made me laugh lol. I totally agree with you. I think that if you eat healthy, and are consciuos about what you put on your hair too, then you will have healthy hair, and due to these two things the growth of your hair will start to follow accordingly. This was an enjoyable post to read. And thank you for doing the experiment, it saves me from doing it 🙂

  2. This was funny! I’ve not heard of this until now, but I must say it sounds a little ridiculous. Good on you for giving it a go though.

  3. You’re supposed to wash your hair after each time you do this. The build up of the oil is probably why it didn’t work. You should also try and add other healthy hair rabbits along with this method like taking hair skin and nail supplements. If your hair isn’t healthy nothing will make it grow faster. In fact, unhealthy hair may even tend to stop growing all together. But to be hones,t I think if you just add the supplements and wash your hair after then it will work better at least. If you want to continue after the 7 days, cut it down to one day a week for 3-4 weeks and then once every other week to once a month. It keeps your body from getting to used to the method while still giving you results. I’m sure you could even try adding a few extra days every now and then too! 🙂 Hopefully this helps a little if you decide to try again!

  4. Thanks Jessica, I might try again one time, but not sure

    Hey Fola and Natalye, glad it made you laugh!