The Max Hydration Method

In this month’s pride magazine, yours truly appears in the Hair Blogger Takeover section (here is the link to the last time I was in). In this article I talk about the Max Hydration Method and give the Pride readers a simplified 7 day version of the process.


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However I bet a few of you might be asking what it is? Well it was created last year by Pinke Cube who is a Black Hair Media Forum VIP Member and it’s for type 4 hair.

It’s a new hair regime that promises no more dryness and frizz. Those that have tried it say that their hair is more moisturised and they have defined curls with or without products. Some of them can now even do a wash and go even with type 4C hair.

When I researched it I found out that it was a very involved regime, you have to be washing your hair every single day. So that put me off straight away but I would do my simplified version for the 7 days.

Anyway for more details get the mag, and if you would prefer to learn about the full regime visit

Have any of you tried it? What were your results