The Natural Lounge Meet Up – a summary

The Natural Lounge’s first meet up took place yesterday in London’s Traffic Bar. People travelled from Manchester, Norwich, Leicester, Nottingham and of course all parts of London to attend. It was one of the first meet ups like this in the UK.

Imagine a room full of beautiful women, some natural, some transitioning and some still thinking about it together in one place, sharing stories, talking and swapping ideas.

It really was a Natural Lounge

There was music from Girl in a Thunderbolt and there was a Seminar by Naturally Nubian called ‘Caring for your hair the natural way’. Nicole Moore read from her book ‘Hair Power, Skin Revolution’ and the day was hosted by Jennifer Jumbe. 

Jennifer on Stage

We also debated on Natural Hair in the workplace and found out that the only people that think it’s a problem are other black women! Lol

Time to share ideas and talk

There was also a raffle in support of Alopeica UK where we raised £50. The giveaways for the raffle were lovely, we had a goodie box from British Curlies, goodie Bags from Hair we Grow Natural, Roots 2 Ends and Sheabutter Cottage. There were books from both Golden Destiny and Shangwe and an an African Inspired Mosaic by Dionne Ible. We also gave a bottle of pink champagne away for the most creative hairstyle and attendees got a free product sample from Curl Harmony 

Me in the Yellow with the winner of ‘Most Creative Hairstyle’ Shareen Corbin isn’t she beautiful?

As the organiser the day turned out exactly how I wanted, I was inspired, humbled and amazed by the comments afterwards, people really enjoyed it and can’t wait until the next one. So if you would like to be there, make sure you subscribe to this blog so you are the first to know when it’s on.

I will let you know when the rest of the photographs become available. For those of you who came, I hope you had a great time 



  1. Yay! What a great turnout!

  2. So glad it was a success. Gutted I couldn’t make it yesterday. Looks like a fab time was had by all.

  3. Lovely day, thanks so much for organising it.

  4. Yes had a fab time! Thanks!!

  5. Aww man!! Can’t believe I missed that. I came down with the flu on friday ‘n couldn’t do anything that entire weekend. U ladies look beautiful ‘n I’m glad the day was a success.

  6. My daughter and I had a wonderful time. She loved talking about it to her brother and daddy. We made a few connections with sisters and I personally got some great knowledge on hair and hair products.

    Looking forward to the next meet up and I will bring hubby next time as I am sure he will have alot to say!

  7. please please please (lol) let me know when the next event is! Glad to hear it went well

  8. @CurvyGurl, thanks hun

    @VexintheCity, don’t worry you can come to the next one.

    @Tricia & Rach, glad you both enjoyed the day

    @Isioma, sorry you were ill see you at the next one

    @Dionne, wow we would love to have your hubby at the next one, your daughter is beautiful !

    @Elle, I will, as a reader of this blog you will be one of the first to know 🙂