The Natural Lounge Meet Up – tickets are selling out!

As many of you know, The Natural Lounge is having its first meet up on the 2nd October 2010. Whoohoo!

It’s a day where Naturals from all over the UK come together and talk hair, there will be networking, music, a speaker and a raffle in aid of alopecia UK. Its going to be fun.

I am posting today as you guys have overwhelmed me with your response and tickets are starting to sell out. (editors note tickets sold out 2 days after this post) I am getting quite a lot of emails in my inbox so I thought I would answer the top ones.

Who is this event for?
Do you wear your hair natural and want to meet other naturals, hear tips share style ideas and product information? Are you thinking of wearing your hair naturally and you want more information on how to style and take care of your natural hair? Are you a newbie to the natural world and want to hear other experiences? If you are any of those three, then the event is for you.

What sort of things will we be doing on the day?
Click Agenda to see some of the activities that will be taking place.

How much are tickets?
Tickets are currently £5 but on the 15th September they will be £10. You have to purchase them in advance and there are no facilities to pay on the door. 

Do I get a physical ticket?
No,  your name will be on the door with the amount of tickets you purchased. However please bring your paypal printout.

Can I bring my daughter or my boyfriend?
Anyone under 16 is allowed in free. Everyone else must purchase a ticket.

How do I get involved or give a prize to the raffle?
Contact Me

Where is the event?
The full address for the event is Traffic Bar, Victoria House, 1 Vernon Place, London, WC1A 2EP

Is there parking?
I strongly recommend coming by public transport as in central London parking is very hard. However there is Bloomsbury Square Car Park Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2RJ Tel: 020 7405 7412.

What is the nearest tube station?
Holborn is the nearest station and is within walking distance.

I am really really looking forward to meeting you all and I hope that you have a great time!
Here is the Events Page



  1. are tickets sold out as of yet?

  2. Yes love, since I posted this they have all gone