The Other uses of our Natural Hair Products.

So at the Birmingham Meet up, we were given a treat. Kadian at Ace your Face did a wonderful talk about How Natural hair products can have other uses. She talked about how Glycerine can be made into a cough syrup or how Avocado oil can be made into a salad dressing.

Luckily for us she has reprinted it online and actually gave me permission to post it here but I realised there would be no point having two out there, so here is the link for you to have a read.

Ps, I burnt myself on the iron this morning so will definitely be rubbing a bit of Aloe Vera on it.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Sunnie (USA) here: This is totally unrelated to this post but I really love your page. It is really nice to see women in the UK embracing their natural hair also. We (naturals) are a strong link and with every woman that walks away from lye we will become a stronger loving community. To all of the naysayers embrace what God has giving you because he does not make Mistakes!

  2. @Sunnie, thank you that really made my day 🙂