The PuffCuff – Product Review

The PuffCuff – That name makes me smile, every time I say it, and there is a good reason why I should be smiling, it is one of the most creative things I have seen in a while.

IMG_20140308_172955 IMG_20140308_173005

It is a hair clamp invented by Ceata E. Lash, which came on in February this year. It is developed specifically for curly thick hair, that helps you put your hair up in an afro puff at the speed of light, watch the video below. You can use it as an alternative from banana clips, elastic bands and bobby pins

So all you people that think you don’t have time before work, or you want simple styles, this could help you achieve it.  In fact I have seen lots of reviews and photos of people wearing it, as the video shows it’s so quick and easy to use.

How to use it


The day it arrived for me to sample my hair was in twists, and I didn’t  want to take them out so I wondered if it would work on twists as well. So I put it in and then tucked the ends under the clamp, I liked the results.

The Natural Lounge PuffCuff

Putting up twists with a PuffCuff


The PuffCuff is available for $11.99. For more information and to purchase yours visit

The creators of the PuffCuff are also currently doing an Indiegogo Campaign to help them launch smaller sizes of the clamp especially for children, if you would like to support, please click the link below.
Want more sizes of the PuffCuff?



  1. How cute, its like a more rounded version of the good ole ‘banana comb’. I like it. I use the ‘banana comb’ for a mohawk effect but this can be used for a more sort of pony tail detail.