The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy

Wow today is a beautiful day, I am out on my balcony typing this, the sun feels fab on my skin I am annoyed I have to come out of the house soon, I would rather head to the park! Anyway I digress, I have just finished reading the book everyone is talking about, The Science of Black Hair – a comprehensive guide to textured hair care. I had the hard cover special edition (£35.75) but there is a black and white paperback version which is (£16.95) I would probably recommend this one if it’s smaller. The hard cover one is a bit big and hard to carry on the tube therefore it took me ages to read as I had to find time at home.

I must say I am more than impressed, in fact I would go as far as to say that if you had this at home, it would become your hair bible. This is the type of book that you could call upon from time to time with any hair issues. It is jam packed with knowledge and advice that you could keep forever all written in an easy to understand, clear and beautiful way.

This book helps you understand why your hair does what it does I enjoyed it alot so It was reponsible for me going to bed late on a few nights.

The first unit covers the science of your hair, your scalp and hair structure, your hair properties and principles. Next we move onto healthy hair management, here Audrey talks about different types of damage, how to build your hair care regimen, product selections, how maintain your hair and more. The third unit discusses working with chemicals in a healthy hair regimen that’s when you colour your hair or even chemically relax it there is a section on transitioning as well. Unit four talks about children’s hair care and finally unit five she talks about how your health affects your hair. The book includes a glossary of terms, a product ingredients glossary and an index.

Although I felt that I already knew alot about hair care, the book gave me more information and tips. It also gave me alot more confidence in my knowledge and whilst I cut about an inch off my hair last week I think you are going to see my hair down the middle of my back in the future.  So if you are new to caring for your hair it would be the perfect thing for you. With this type of book, anyone can be a hair expert. Well done Audrey and thank you for all your hair work bringing a book like this to our shelves!



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