The Sun Newspaper Featured Natural Hair.

Font Cover of the Health Section – Solange Knowles

When I saw a message on facebook from a lady requesting stories from people who had relaxed their hair but where now natural, I did not hesitate to reply.

You couldn’t imagine how my jaw dropped when she said she was from  News International and the article she was writing was for The Sun newspaper. The Sun talking about natural hair? 

Eva Simpson natural after 26 years!

So it was that last week Thursday I was in there. In the health pull out section. The main article was by Journalist Eva Simpson who has ditched her relaxer and gone natural. They also mentioned me and The Natural Lounge and Lukwesa from Gidore.
Me at the very bottom right 

Whilst a lot of people saw it in a negative light that The Sun was talking about our hair, I actually feel it’s positive, if only one person is inspired to drop their relaxer and switch to natural after reading then I think they have done their job. I hope you got to see it. 


  1. Why did some people see the Sun’s article in a negative light? I didn’t read it myself but from your post it sounds like it was a good thing.

    And congrats on being featured!

  2. I thought the article was well done. It was my brother that actually called me and told me to buy the Sun as they had an article relating to natural hair and knew I’d be interested.

    ps I recognised you straight away and felt proud even though I don’t personally know you :0)

  3. Victoria I think it is because The Sun is generally seen as a sensationalist paper. It does have a reputation of making fun of people rather than having serious journalism.

    All that said, I think people should read the article first before making a judgement. I do also think that frankly The Sun does have a higher readership than all the natural blogs combined. They do sell in the millions, so a well written article on natural hair is worth its weight in terms of letting people know that there is an alternative to relaxed hair/permanent weaves and wigs.

    Congrats Angel, glad to see you there, you are a great spokesperson for natural hair 🙂

  4. Congrats Angel and well done on setting the UK natural hair community on the map!

  5. @Victoria – I have no idea but people were saying it was ‘random’ and they ‘didnt trust it’ etc etc I thought it was a good thing

    @Fortheloveofkinks – thank you so much that last comment made me feel so lovely

    @JC – Thank you I am trying. I could not have said it better myself, The Sun does have that reputation. Surprisingly though this was a serious article

    @Moderne Meid – thank you!