This October – International Black HAIRitage Month (IBHM)

Did you know that this October is not only Black History Month in the UK It’s also International Black Hairitage Month worldwide. Yes that’s right a month of celebrating our hair! 

The website is here

On the site there are listings of hair events worldwide and here is what the organisers say its all about: 

“The ‘International BLACK Hairitage Month’ (IBHM) is a celebration of culture, Black hairitage and natural health worldwide. 

International Black Hairitage Month (IBHM) has been created to show us that there is so much to black hair than just…hair, it’s a cultural, political, and increasingly, powerful economic movement. it’s purpose is to connect people from all over the globe. Never has there been so much online debate and empowerment from the topic of black hair. Unlike a lot of the hair events around right now International Black Hairitage Month is not just about natural hair; it’s a celebration of black hair in its various forms. 

The goal of IBHM is to stir up dialogue and explore the things that affect the choices black women make about their hair. This is a subject that women love to talk about, so what better place to start! Identity and the ‘black woman’ has often lead us down the controversial avenues of ‘why do so many black women wear weaves? Or even more contentious ‘why blonde!?’ All of the online discussions going on right now continue to highlight that it’s all about personal choice. If a black woman wants to wear a weave or go natural it’s her prerogative. 

IBHM aims to highlight that when it comes to hair, people of African descent are as adventurous, innovative and sassy as ever. News of IBHM is already spreading globally and host cities include: Chicago, LA, Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton and London all wanting to tell their hair story. 

 International Black Hairitage Month will be a positive experience that will leave people of black heritage even more proud of their culture and those of other cultures very enlightened”.