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Annaliene runs a very successful hair company called ‘Hair we Grow Natural’ and for me every time I see her own hair it makes me want to buy the products, it is always beautiful. I asked her a few questions.

Annaliene’s Fro 

What is Hair We Grow Natural 100%
Hair We Grow Natural 100% is a premium hair care range that uses no parabens, petroleum or harmful chemicals, only powerful natural ingredients that encourages maximum hair growth repair and health.

How long has it been around?
We are still new to the market just under one year and in that space of time we have a phenomenal amount of interest and loyal customers to date, both in the UK, Europe and the US.

Some of the great products 

It’s nice to see yet another black owned hair company, its only through research I have began to see how much of our own hair industry is owned by other races. What inspired you to start your company and why?
I feel it’s like we have given away our birthright as a people in regards to the black hair care industry. I have always been natural, my mother destroyed her hair with relaxer and as result growing up we were never allowed one, I never had a strong urge to relax my hair as I was happy with the results from hot combing. In the past few years I have visited many afro hair shows and I’m increasingly disappointed at the lack of imagination, the emphasis being what the latest relaxer can do, buy a lace front wigs like the stars with only a few natural stalls promoting oils for dreadlocks. I wanted something you can buy and be confident that its natural, aids your hair growth and maintains health. Long gone are the days of using Vaseline in our hair but I would substitute for hair oils that were just as bad. I know we can dispel the myth that ‘my hair doesn’t grow’ which I often hear uttered from the mouths of sisters who are often simply unaware of how to care for their hair in a natural state (even relaxed!). My heart aches when I see especially young black girls with traction alopecia,hiding their hair under lace fronts, weaves and extensions but not caring for their hair in the process. Precisely for these reasons I research, studied and was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Madame Walker who created a black business model, products for hair growth and thus established revolutionary practices for women caring for their afro hair. I would also like to introduce a revolutionary way of helping women by offering a consultation service for hair; at the moment many individuals don’t know what to do and how to achieve the hair results they aspire towards. Reading an article in a hair magazine is not enough our bespoke service will use a holistic approach, assessing the individual’s lifestyle needs and goals.

Annaliene looking very relaxed! 

That is a wonderful story, I am sure many women will take you up on the consultation service. So what is your favourite product from your website? Why would you recommend it?
It’s so hard to choose I encourage a combination from my range the Spritz’s are great for added moisture and our hair needs water on a daily basis. Please note this is (purified water, clear of chlorine and other harmful minerals). Then the Hairdress’s provide the daily stimulation to the scalp, ingredients such as peppermint invigorate, shea butter and vegetable glycerine are ultra moisturising, so it depends on what you aim to achieve. I have think long hair I want longer hair still so I indulge in the ‘Maximum Growth Hairdress’ at the moment and the ‘Spritzy Moist’

You said you were natural all your life, did you ever face any negativity?
Growing up no I didn’t as unlike today most black children had their hair braided. In my working environment I work in the creative industries so my hair is seen as an extension to my expression of my creativity. It’s often seen as cool to younger colleagues where older colleagues I found would save the compliments for when I wore my hair straighter, hot combed, I found that interesting.

How do you take care of your hair day to day?
When I wear my hair out as an afro I like to start with it having being plaited the night before, of course I us my own products, my hair is 4b, so I like to spritz the tresses with ‘Spritzy Moist’ especially the ends, then massage into my scalp the ‘Healthy hair’. I love my afro it’s really big so I like wearing it. I deep condition my hair fortnightly and hot oil treat the opposite weeks, I love the sauna and steam room I go at least once a week so my hair is really well looked after!

Your words of wisdom?
Being natural is all I have known, so I can say I feel great being natural having long strong and healthy hair. To fellow naturals be persistent you will achieve your goals if you set them and keep a routine. Also if your not using natural products really question what you are putting into your hair stay away from SLS’s in shampoos, parabens, petroleum and other harmful chemicals Try our 100% natural hairdress the way nature intended! Spread the good news!

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  1. I just ordered the Spritzy Moist last night after speaking with Annaliene via email about my daughter’s itchy scalp. She was lovely!

    I’ll let you know how my daughter’s hair reacts to it.


  2. Oh please do! I could do with a new spritz!

  3. Yes finally, a black UK based company selling our hair products!

  4. @Anoynymous – lol yeah I feel the same.