UK Natural -Jennifer Jumbe

Jennifer is originally from Zimbabwe and has lived in Europe for the past 12 years. She works in Financial Services and is one of the founders of Big Ideas Networking. Event coming up read on…

What is Big Ideas Networking?
It’s an events company with an aim to bring driven professionals together in order to provide the perfect environment for them to learn how to set up, expand and manage a successful business through our monthly business networking events.  Our unique blend of mini seminars on a range of business related topics, focused face to face networking and “Pitching platform” create an effective and informative business networking evening where entrepreneurs can make new contacts, explore their ideas and connect with other business owners. More recently we have branched out to do events that are geared towards professional women exclusively.
When was the last event women’s event then, what type of women did it attract?
The last event was on the 3rd of June and attracted approximately 55 professional women aged from the mid 20’s to late 40’s.
There are so many networking events out there what makes yours different?
Our women’s events have proven to be a great forum in which to discuss topical issues affecting women everywhere. We try and maintain a relaxed environment where women can have fun but network and get information and inspiration on a range of topics.
You recently did the big chop where you cut off all your relaxer off and became natural, what was the inspiration?
My hair felt lifeless, dry and was breaking continuously. It was over processed and I was getting traction alopecia especially at the hair line.

Jennifer Before her big chop (or not so big hair was short) 

Jennifer straight after the big chop

People say that the big chop is the most drastic route to go, have you got any words of wisdom for those who are thinking of doing the same?
Just do it – i found that because of the state of my hair the softly softly approach would not have worked. My hair was short already and so it was not such a drastic step.
How do you take care of your hair day to day?
I wash and condition my hair (I use the Motions range) and then I apply Freeze gel which gives it the S-curled look without the chemicals.
Your words of wisdom?
My word of advice is pay attention to your hair – sometimes we ignore the signs that our hair is in a bad way (breaking split ends etc and we keep processing/plaiting/weaving.  Find a good hair dresser and develop a good hair care regime. Also you can never underestimate the power of a good moisturiser
Anything else you would like to say?
My next event is on the 29 th of July – see the link for details 

 I will be at Jennifers event so I hope to meet some of you there.