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Meet Rianne, the first person I have ever met with freeformed locs! 

Rianne Jones

Tell us about yourself
My name is Rianne and I was born and raised in London, my cultural background is of Sierra Leonean decent. I am a holistic nutrition coach, trying to change aspects of all our common negative eating habits which we have grown accustomed to. These could be the cause of most of our ailments. Being healthy means living an abundant lifestyle

When did you go natural?
I have been natural for most of my adult life, but before this I fell into the trap of the ‘creamy lie’ during my teens in ’97. Back then there were not any blogs about hair care for those crucial months of transitioning, so I suffered a lot of breakage. After about 10 months and a whole lot of growth I went crazy and relaxed again, when I got home from the salon knew how much of a mistake I made, my hair stank of the relaxer chemicals, my hair was limp, thin and didn’t even move in the wind hair was awful so I transitioned again and never looked back.

Rianne Natural

I rocked my afro proudly for about 2 years after. I got many complements but I also got a few negative responses such as, ‘when are you going to straighten that mess?’!! That didn’t deter me and I continued my journey

By 2006 I started my locs, inspired by a close friend of mine. I told a few people my plans and most friends gave me the ‘BUT WHY?!?’ question. At this point I really didn’t care, I was ready to go down that road, I’d done my research on the website Fotki and was continually inspired by others.

You are one of the first people I have met that have freeformed locks for people that don’t know what are they?
Freeformed locks, are locs that have not been manipulated. They can also be called organic, neglect, or semi freeform. There are different forms of freeforming with different extremities. Some individuals choose to start their locs by just washing their hair and leaving the locs to form on their own. Others like me started with minimal manipulation like two strand twists.

How do you take care of your locks?
Taking care of my locs is so easy and simple, I am a lazy loc wearer!! I rinse my locs in the shower 2 – 3 times a week and shampoo and condition once a week. I let them air dry through the day, they can take all day to dry (depending on how warm or cold the weather is)

If I put too many products in my hair i get build up which is awful to get out and makes my scalp itch too, so I keep it light only oiling them when I feel they are thirsty. I try to wear a scarf at night to avoid my locs going into my nostrils.

To protect my locs I do wear a lot of head wraps and tams when going out.
Some loc wearers try to avoid their locs going flat or less cylindrical, by palm rolling, I’m the opposite, as I do not palm roll, my locs have a rectangular shape (making it 2inch in width) and I love it

What’s your favourite product and where do you buy it?
My favourite ever product to use on my locs is Liquid Black Soap with Frankincense and Patchouli, (as well as Shea Butter) it looks like chocolate and it smells divine…This is what I use to Shampoo

Second favourite is cold press Coconut oil. I get my products online.

Your words of wisdom?
My parents, grandparents and now my Husband instilled in me that my Natural hair is beautiful (despite my rebellious years of relaxing) and I will always believe that

Afro hair is the most versatile, and eye catching hair on the planet, lets embrace what God gave us, TWA’s, Big Afros, Course or Soft it is all beautiful. We are slowly making our mark in society and leaving old ideas of beauty behind us. Lets spread the word and continue to be an example and inspiration to our sisters who are not quite there yet, they will get there in the end.

Loving your hair is loving yourself despite the naysayers, Know that when you rock your beautiful Natural head, there are people in your everyday life and strangers on the street, who are looking twice thinking how gorgeous you look ( that includes me)

Those thinking about going natural, it would be the best thing you could ever do for your hair and scalp, Give your tresses a break, you will see how much your hair will thrive and reverts from damage not to mention the growth. Enjoy the many natural products that are good for your hair refrain from products with chemicals you don’t understand. Most importantly for optimum hair growth, eat right! Foods enriched with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids are the best thing for skin, nails as well as your hair growth.

Stay well my sisters
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  1. Lovely feature, I never what free form loocks were before… You learn something new everyday

  2. Yes I have to agree, when she first approached me I had no idea what they were.