UK Natural – Shaherah Jordan

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a marketing professional, freelance sports writer and fitness enthusiast. I was born in London but spent a large part of my life in AmericaCalifornia and Georgia. I currently reside in South East London.
When did you go natural?
I went natural towards the end of 1999 after a break up. When I was going out with said individual he was adamant that locks were ugly so I took a strange pleasure in cutting my perm completely out and wearing my hair natural. I wore my hair very short for about a year or so before experimenting with twists and then decided to ‘locks up’ around April 2001.
Shaherah after cutting all her relaxer off                     
Shaherah with her mini from – before she decided to grow locks 

How do you take care of your hair?
I’m currently training around 4 times a week which means I have to take special care not to sweat out newly twisted locks. This is best done by styling my locks in an updo and making sure my hair is tied down before workouts. I also spray my hair lightly with an oil sheen every day. On the rare occasions when I can get to a sauna I always bring along some sort of nourishing oil for my hair so that it can get a deep condition while I relax.
I also go to a loctitian. Before he relocated to America Albe of Kink Hair Salon was the only loctitian that I would let near my hair but now I see a skilled loctitian named Acken of Celebritylocks. Acken treats and styles my hair at my house. He actually prefers doing his clients hair at their house which is super convenient. One thing I love about Acken is that he genuinely loves doing locks and makes relevant recommendations to me based on my lifestyle and general preferences.
Shaherah Modelling for Albie Roach 

What’s your favourite product and where do you buy it?
Favourite products to date come from the Organic Root Stimulator Range which I buy online. I like it because the product doesn’t build up in my hair
Your words of wisdom
My advice to anyone who is considering locks is that they should do it when they are ready. When I first cut my hair short everybody was encouraging me to locks up – I didn’t do it until people stopped suggesting it.
Also, be careful not to overtwist. It’s so tempting to want to twist your hair repeatedly, but this can lead to breakage. I’ve actually had an overtwisted lock fall off in my hand while I was on the train – shame! 

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  1. I would like to locs my hair so I found this interview to be very informative. And Shaherah’s locs are beautiful!

  2. Yeah Shaherah does look fantastic. I’m glad you found it useful

  3. I think about dreads all the time but I have never been brave enough to do it some people say that you can start with long hair and you don’t need to cut them all off, is that true?

  4. dang, i thought she was india.arie! pretty 🙂