UK Natural – Shareen Corbin

Shareen is 26 years old and based in West London, Her family are from Barbados. She is a Clinical Assistant at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She won most Creative hairstyle at The Natural Lounge Meet up, so I decided to ask her a few questions.

Shareen winning on the day. 

Shereen, you were the winner of most creative hairstyle at the Natural Lounge meet up, your hair looked fab, how did it feel to win?
I was very pleased that I won. I never once thought that I was going to win the prize for most creative hairstyle as everyone’s hair looked gorgeous on the day.

A little bird told me that you won the same prize at another meet up, is that true? How do you think up these styles?
Yes, I won at the Natural Curls, Girls & Swirls meet up in June. I wore my hair in an afro puff. From a young age I always like to do friends and family’s hair. I would see hairstyles in the hair magazine, and try to create the style on my sister’s hair. From that I started to create my own styles. I was good at doing other people’s hair so when I finished High School I went to college and got my NVQ’s in Hairdressing. After qualifying in hairdressing I worked part time as a hairdresser for 5 years before giving it up as the money was not that great.

Shareen with her relaxer 

Oh that’s a shame you are clearly talented. So when did you go natural?
After relaxing my hair for 12 years I started to transition in June 2007. I decided to go natural because I was fed up of my hair being thin with a lack of body. After doing research on the internet I came across a forum called Nappturality the site was very informative and I saw other ladies proudly wearing their natural hair. From then I wanted to know what my natural hair was like. When transitioning I started to experience a lot of breakage due to the two different textures so I decided to cut my hair all off in September 2007 leaving 1 inch of Natural hair. I loved it! It was thick soft and the real me. I did get the negative reactions such as a ‘I can’t believe you cut off your hair to go natural’ but I did also get a lot of people complimenting my afro so I decided to continue.

So who inspired you on the hair journey, Did you have a hair inspiration?
My hair inspiration is a lady named sera25 on Fotki and sera2544 on YouTube. She has been natural for 5 years and has 4b waist length hair. By following her journey it made me realise that 4B hair can grow to whatever length you want it to be as long as you take care of it.

You said you worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital, how do fellow staff and patients find your hair?
Since going natural I have never experienced any negative comments at work. Actually the patient’s parents and my colleges are always complimenting my hair. This is great, I really believe it’s important for children, especially young black girls to see us with our hair!

Shareen’s Different Styles 

What’s your favourite product and where do you buy it?
My favourite product is Cathy Howes Ultra Black Hair deep conditioner. This is the best protein conditioner I have ever used after trying many. I deep condition with it ever 4-7days. I order it online form Hair direct Europe ltd

Shareen With her beautiful Fro! 

Your words of wisdom?
For all the tranistioners, don’t give up. Ignore the negative comments about natural hair. You are going natural for yourself no one else.

To my fellow naturals, everyone’s hair is different. A regime that works for one natural might not work for your hair, but dont be discouraged, as long as you take care of your hair you will reach your goal.

You can contact Shereen on Facebook.