UK Premiere Film Screening of “Dark Girls”

Dark Girls


I first heard about the film ‘Dark Girls’ a little while back  and watched a few trailers on YouTube about it. It’s in essence about black society’s attitudes towards dark-skinned women. Even the trailer was tough watching and made me feel so sad that we are passing down these attitudes and negativity onto our children.

Anyway on 19th September at the Museum of London, they will be showing a screening of this film. This is what the organisers say:

Abundant Sun is excited to announce that it is hosting a charity event entitled Energising Women and Strengthening Societies’, which features the UK Premiere Screening of the documentary film Dark Girls, by Filmmakers Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry.

Dark Girls is an honest and emotionally hard-hitting film which explores the impact of deep-seated biases and attitudes towards dark-skinned women, outside of and within the African-American culture.

Our guests will have the opportunity to view this remarkable film and dialogue with one of its filmmakers, D. Channsin Berry, who is making a special appearance from Los Angeles to share his powerful work and insights in a post-film panel discussion with our audience.
Tickets will be available soon. By getting involved, you will not only be enriching yourself, you will also be providing help to a very important charity. The profits from ticket sales will be donated to Make Every Woman Count.

Here is the link for tickets



  1. Wow this is shocking and real eye opener. That lady’s comment about adding bleach to make her skin light really shocked me. Im watching this when released.


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