Unbeweavable weave tales

LOL @ the title, I know its old but I couldnt resist!

Are there worms inside, they do look like they have already gotten to her brain

Are there worms inside? They do look like they have already gotten to her brain!


Did you see the story making its rounds  recently about the infested weave? Basically it tells of a lady who after suffering lots of headaches went to the doctor. When they doctor examined her scalp under her weave he found worms! The worms were burrowing into her skull and after sending the samples to the lab they found that the hair had eggs from which the worms had hatched! The doctor told her that the hair was probably from a corpse because the kind of worms are usually found on dead bodies! Full story here

Who does your hair come from?

Who does your hair come from?


Lots of people are saying it’s a hoax, it could be, but let me tell you three stories which are true.   I have a friend who used to model and found head lice in her weave. Yes real lice. If you google right now you see that people are asking questions on how to get the lice out of their weaves it happens.

Even worse I once had a weave and when I took it out I found I had a small dead fly inside. (sorry this is probably making you itch) For me it was the last time I wore one.

Hair Factory

Indian temples where hair is donated often go on to sell the hair

Finally I met a lady recently who told me she has a fungus growing on her scalp underneath a weave. The scalp got infected (she does not know what from but swears it’s from the weave hair) It was hot and itchy, things like that need air and sunlight but because she goes running her scalp was often hot and sweaty. She thought the itching was just part and parcel of the weave but now she has taken it out those patches of her hair are yet to grown back.

At the Weave Hair Factory

At the Weave Hair Factory

I just think that as long as you wear other people’s hair on your head without having any idea of who or where they come from these things can happen. Also in a world where profit is everything, could companies be cutting hygiene corners?Perhaps before they sew it in get them to wash and dry it first. Or if you have the option because some people really don’t –  it might be time to start wearing your own hair.