Weave get gone!!…..well for one day only

Project Embrace an organisation which aims to create more natural hair images in the public eye is calling for all weave wearers to ditch the weave for one day only.  On the 31st March they are holding an ‘I am enough’ day.

Project Embrace

This is how they describe it:

The IamEnoughDay is a Project Embrace campaign to promote and celebrate self-acceptance and self-love. Many women find it difficult to ditch the weave and sport their natural hair even though they know the weave is damaging their own hair.

So we are calling every woman on the 31st of March to be courageous and ditch anything fake about their hair and go about your business for the day with their own hair. 

They have T-shirts and badges for sale and encourage those taking part to facebook, twitter and Instagram thier pictures with with reason’s they are  enough #iamenoughday

The aim is to encorage women and girls that they are enough and beauty is not dependant on what hair you have. They also want people to embrace their hair and they are hoping it will raise money for their billboard campaign.

So, I like the idea its simple and easy to be part of it especially for me that doesn’t wear a weave. All us naturals need to do is take a photo with our hair out and put why we are enough.  My husband however says its impractical for weave wearers as you cant get rid of a weave for a day (I have to laugh at this, I have taught him way too much about natural hair!) What are your thoughts? will you be taking part?

For more information please visit this link iamenoughday