Wedding Cake Toppers

This Cake topper has braids! 
We are deep into wedding planning. We have the location of the venue and the church and have even had a tasting with the caterers.  Everything is going ok however I am finding that when you put the word ‘wedding’ in front of anything its triple the price and considering we want to do up our new house I really don’t want to break the bank.

My mum is going to do my cake. At first I thought I had better shop around as whilst she is a trained caterer and can decorate cakes, I thought she might want to take the day off. 

Anyway of course like any mum she is delighted to do it for me and told me to start sending photos of the kind of cakes I want.

Whilst looking at cakes I realised I would need a topper and came across quite a few different ones and realised wow I need to relax a bit on this natural hair front – would any of my guests notice or care if my cake topper had straight hair?? lol Anyway 
Here are the type of things I came across. 

A little serious huh? Are they a happy couple?

 This would be adorable if they both had fro’s Like the fact she has braids though. 

This is cute – This could be a natural up-do. 

If we were getting married abroad this would be the one.  
This is so beautiful! He has locks. 

If I told you these were over £80 would you believe me?
The thing is, these are my favourite not a fro in sight.  But I cannot pay that much!

Which do you like the best?



  1. Finally! But Ouch that’s a bit much. Its hard to pic a fav they are all lovely, but I guess I like the one with hubby lifting wife, very romantic!

  2. Really nice
    I like the last 4
    The couple on the beach is the most romantic and the one below that is the cutest!

    The last pair are really nice but for £80+, wow!

  3. I absolutely love the last two….they’re fun and not so conventional. But I agree, £80 is a lot to shell out! Best of luck with the rest of your preparations.

  4. First of all congrats on your wedding plans, I haven’t been here in a little while so I did not even know!

    My favorite is the one with the girl holding the bouquet with her man standing right behind her. They seem happy, they are side by side but it’s lack he is saying ” honey not only I am by your sides but I got your back”. They look happy and are elegant.