Wedding Hair

So I did watch the Royal wedding on TV, I loved her dress, I can actually imagine myself in something similar it was pretty. 

It really got me thinking about my own wedding plans, and what I will do with my hair. Kindly enough since I told you all,  people have been sending me photos, ideas and links to other websites to help me decide. Look at some of these…This one first is Jill Scott WOW her hair is lovely.  Put a tiara across the front or a posh fascinatior and it suddenly works. 

Problem is, I have no idea how its done. lol Then there is this style. I love the colour the fact that its so big

This is pretty and very bridal and also easy to do.  

Or I could wear it all out. 

Two strand twists are easy, in fact you can wear them for a few days. 

I like this one side rows with a twist out. 

In fact when I went through all the photos (believe me I have loads!!) I suddenly got lots of ideas and realised that ANY style, yes that’s right, buns, twist outs, two strand twists, braids, cainrows in fact anything works for a wedding. You just have to be comfortable with it I guess. Kate Middleton just had her hair down and she always has it down, but she she looked beautiful.  

Are there any Natural Brides out there? What did you do with your hair on your big day? 


  1. I am married and I wore a two strand twist out. I twisted 1 week before and then took it out in the morning. Love Jill Scotts hair

  2. Anonymous says:

    Adornment 396 has a bridal service – u could go to them! Love the pics

  3. Hello,
    I would strongly recommend you to check out Naptural85’s channel on youtube. She has posted very clear and informative videos on haircare and nice tutorials on different hairstyles, including ‘romantic’ and ‘wedding’ styles! Havefun!

  4. We were married in 2008 and I attempted to were a style I wasn’t used it. I ended of modifying it to look like a twist-out. My advice is go with what you know and what looks good on you anyway.

  5. @Rachel, lovely idea!! then its easy to style

    @Anonymous,not sure I would get married in London

    @Janice, THANK YOU I checked it out she had a really nice style

    @Tia, you are so right, you need to go with what you know and are used to.