What does Morris feel about our free flowing roots?

I recently published a post about Morris Roots Hair salon. 

A reader of this blog was frustrated as all the so called natural salons don’t cater for free flowing natural hair. So she sent them an email which I published with their response

Out of common decency I have removed this post until Morris himself has a chance to give a fair representation. 

For those of you that got to read it, please leave your comments anyway, perhaps if he ever visits this website he will see how much this service is needed. 




  1. I know they do cornrows, twists, etc because I have taken my daughter there to have her hair conrowed.I cant remember whether she had her hair blowdried or not as its been a while.
    I hope they change their mind in the near future as a lot of women are going the natural route and surely they would want to capitalise on that?
    Instead of altogether getting rid of this service they should provide it and provide a description of the method they use. Anyone going there should then not expect anything else or want to dictate how their hair should be cut.
    All in all they shouldnt have got rid of the service. Surely cutting services should always be provided at a salon? If i go there to have my hair twisted and they dont turn out well because my ends are stringy Im sure they will suggest that I have some sort of trim…?

  2. I can completely understand where Morris is coming from. It’s sort of a catch twenty two. On the one hand we want to support black businesses yet our backs go up when the same businesses present logical business reasons as to why they have had to discontinue a service.

    If the demand for the styling of free flowing hair is so great, someone who is well trained in it should offer to rent a chair in one of Morris’ salons to cater to that niche market.

    Granted, Morris Roots may need to review their current service list but they only way they can do that is if they have research.

    I’m sure if the Natural Lounge sent them solid market research proving that the demand for free flowing hair care services is on the up Morris would consider.

    That’s my two pence.

  3. I went to Morris Roots in Highgate for the first time in November 2010. I had a mix of braids and twists, my hair was washed, conditioned and blow dried. I really liked the way the stylist treated my hair and the end result. I was going to go again but had to cancel my appointment because of the snow we had in december. If they have discontinued doing free flowing hair, since then, I will have to find somewhere else to go. It would be great if we could let them know that there is a need for this type of service.

  4. I think this chain of hairdressers have got a bit too big for their boots. They seem to believe that their way is the only way, and treat their customers like products on their production line.

    I started my locs their many years ago, but have decided to go elsewhere because of their shoddy attitude toward their clients.

    They really do need to learn about customer service, and listening to what WE want, rather than what they can be bothered to do.

    Also, they need to quit back combing people’s locks – it just breaks the hair.

    Avoid at all costs.