What happens if we get more naturals?

Some people, including the lady in my previous post talk about Natural hair becoming a trend and they think that women are just jumping on the natural bandwagon. People like this talk about it like its a bad thing and women should not be doing it.

Come on….Surely this is a good thing?

Imagine a world where there are no more 5 year olds with traction alopecia and the ability to buy our products locally?

Today I was feeling creative and this is what I think will happen if we get more and more women going natural. Isn’t it a wonderful cycle?



  1. Hey! This diagram is very true and I don’t think that more people going natural could ever be a bad thing?!?

  2. What’s wrong with jumping on the bandwagon? Those who do it for the wrong reasons will either soon fall off (because it is just a fad to them), others may actually end up learning something and become informed ‘believers’.
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  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the bandwagon! It’s re-education (well I think so). It’s great!

  4. Even if people chose to jump on the bandwagon then that’s their individual choice. I generally feel that the fact that natural hair is becoming far more acceptable, even trendy is a fantastic thing. Within the last couple of years, the relaxed and chemically treated look dominated black culture so to see natural hair emerging as acceptable, even fashionable, is one step towards us embracing our natural beauty.

  5. Lovely diagram! Would you like to feature it in my next magazine issue? If so, just give me a buzz!

  6. I think that diagram (and the explanation) is awesome. I’d like to share it on my FB page and blogs. What’s your surname or is “Angel from ‘The Natural Lounge'” sufficient?

  7. @Simone, you and me both

    @Masuka M, exactly that’s what I hope will happen

    @Anon, It is so great, we need more bandwagon jumpers 

    @Victoria, aren’t we all glad its far more accepted? Its nice to embrace natural beauty

    @JC YES, loved the first issue so will email you

    @Bajan Lily, Angel from the Natural Lounge works fine. Let me know the link

  8. I agree- this is excellent! I am posting your feature on Friday- will add this on!!
    Jah Bless

  9. @naturally UK, thank you hun

    @Bajan Lilly, you gave me my link instead of yours 🙂

  10. Doh! Trigger happy with the copy and paste!
    (delete the other one lol)

  11. I totally agree, it’s one thing for an adult to use relaxer but when I see a child using it I just shake my head. If more people thought positively towards their hair you wouldn’t have so many little girls wishing they had hair like Hannah Montana.
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  12. Love the diagram Angel, however I have a slightly different take/ more to add on what would happen if there were more natural haired black women.

    More naturals = natural hair being seen more regularly = greater global understanding and acceptance = more time, attention and resources allocated to the experts of our hairs care and maintenance = being taken up by mainstream celebrities = more naturals.

    Somewhere in there would also be more people learning how best to care for natural hair, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen non black mothers with mixed race children who have let their childrens hair resort to matted madness or tried to treat it the same as causain hair with disastrous results!

    Many people including me don’t care about global acceptance or celebrity endorsement but many people do. And if its going to stop some woman putting Beyonce style weave on her eight year old then I say bring it on!

  13. Well I never went natural for any fashion or trend. its just a journey my hair went on. Some people get perms because its trendy faux hawks are trendy at times. what will happen is that once any trend phase passes everything settles into a case of if its what you want you will stick to it

    its nice seeing so many people with natural hair. however it would be nice if amongst all the hair choices black women have natural hair is up there with rest and not so much a niche

  14. It sounds like you can’t go wrong, huh? I say everyone should do it. Don’t let boxed relaxer corporations rule you!

  15. @Bajan Lily, Thanks

    @NappturalTripletMum, woo going to check out the blog now

    @TK, you said it! if Beyonce went natural the little girls would follow quick time

    @SoFrolusches, I think that in a years time it wont be a niche, so many people are doing it now

    @Charish, nope you cant go wrong 🙂