What?? They want Natural’s on a music video?

You don’t know how delighted I was when I saw this flyer in my inbox. Isis magazine are looking for four natural girls to be in Fuse OGG’s offical video. Details of how to apply are below

Casting Call

You know natural is becoming the norm when they are asking for natural’s to be in a music video. Make sure you send in your photos asap, there isnt long!  If you win let me know!!





  1. Hi Angel,

    I saw this and I was seriously considering entering the competition but I figured they would only want thin girls with long hair so I didn’t bother, good luck to all those who do enter.

  2. Hey but they can only say yes or no right? you have nothing to loose by entering and none of us have any idea on what they are looking for. Remember this is break from the traditional music vid. Go girl enter today!

  3. I think it’s too late now… Thanks for the encouragement though!