When her hair is a mess….

Someone sent me a link to article online the other day. It was by Kamilah Blackston, she was irritated because all the women around her were going natural and she wrote;

“Natural hair looks good on some people, but everybody cannot pull it off!
Individuality is what makes people interesting, but lately the only thing interesting about many girls is that mess on their heads”.

PS from her photo she was natural herself. Read the whole thing here
Whilst it’s an old article and many of you might have read it before, I could not believe what I was reading. This is not the first time I have come across this attitude. 

When I was learning to drive, whenever I made a mistake other experienced drivers used to beep their horns or get irritated with me. My driving instructor said to me “don’t mind them, they forget they were learners once” I have stuck by that attitude in life and this is what I would say to anyone who feels the same as Kamilah.

If you see her and you feel that her hair is a mess, please remember that it’s not for you to judge. She might be new at this and is just learning. There are some amazing hairstyles out there but not everyone has mastered them. Not everyone can cornrow , flat twist or put sock buns in, most people have just about got the hang of a puff. Even I have to admit, sometimes my hair looks lovely and other days it looks busted (lol) but please, don’t look at me wrong, don’t mind me I am just learning.

At Supernatural day Sophie (one of the speakers said) Natural hair is not a destination it’s a journey.

I would say, it’s time to embrace all women on that journey leave the hate at home. 



  1. You better preach! I’ve seen this article once before and it is a mess. The followup was just as bad (yes, she did a followup in her student paper).

    Your answer to her spiteful comments is superb. I try to remind myself of the same thing when I see others (or even myself in the mirror) looking a little less than stellar. The “less than stellar look” is, as you note, more to do with technique than the fact that natural hair is somehow “a mess”.

    I am glad that as time goes by more people begin to understand these things…

  2. Yes I read this article. And I blogged my thoughts – http://www.mykinksandcurls.com/2011/03/natural-hair-looks-good-on-some-people.html – check it out!

  3. I was disgusted by her article. I will definitely be doing a vlog about this on my channel. ;(

  4. That article was disgusting and hurtful. It seems like everybody always wants to beat up on black women for the choices we make. If we are not being criticized for relaxing or wearing weaves, we are being criticized for going natural.
    Anyway, I thought your response was lovely, thank you for your kind words Angel.

  5. Okay…I read the article & I do agree with her with one thing…natural hair seems to have become a trend but unlike her…I think that’s brilliant!!! Yeah, some of us (like myself ) need to learn how to care of our it better BUT how can she say that our God-given hair may not suit some of us! That just made me laugh! Personally though, whether a girl chooses to wear weaves, wigs, braids or straightens their hair is no skin off my noise but I hope the natural trend gets bigger! 🙂

  6. “If your hair is dry, brittle, and extremely nappy, natural hair is just not for you….We all try to be queens and some people feel like going natural is getting back in touch with your roots. However, if you are looking more like a slave than a queen, you might want to take a trip to the beauty supply store and get some perm or weave.”

    What!!!! Really?
    Sorry she is just spewing pure ignorance here and its evident that she knows VERY little about natural hair.

    Being natural is not a “trend”, it is our emancipation!

    The dozens of natural hair care products on the commercial market now are ONLY available because there is more demand for them. If black women continue turning their backs on relaxers & weaves then the resources & general education about how to care for & style natural hair will keep improving. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this will mean less “bad hair” days for everyone in the long run!

    Yes indeed natural hair is a journey, but I don’t think she realises that she has such a LoooooooooooooonnnG way to go!

    Thanks for blogging this Angel 🙂

  7. Laaawwwddd, this girl is crazy! Somebody always got something negative to say about black women and our hair. Unfortunately that someone is often someone who is also black! *sigh* when will the nonsense end.

    As for drawing a correlation between natural hair and African who were enslaved that belief is so old I can’t believe anyone would dare still peddle it!

    This and I absolutely hate the word “nappy” in relation to our hair even though I realise it relates to individual tiny curls but stillAmericans take it to a whole next level.

    KMT, straight up this girl needs a really good mental deconditioning…and then a big slap!