Whip My Hair – have you seen it?

So it’s the night before the natural hair meet up and things are calm, I am fully prepared for tomorrow when I have just realised “aggghhh what will I do with my hair” I decided to go on YouTube to see if I could see some fancy styles to get inspiration from and I came across Willow Smith.

If you don’t know she is the nine year old Daughter of Will Smith and this autumn she launched her new single “Whip my Hair” (gosh that family is the money making unit)
I loved her little two strand twists


But this is her hair now!

All my Ladies if you feel me
do it do it whip your hair
Dont’ matter if its long, short
do it do it whip your hair

Anyway although it’s cute and she is not singing about sex and drugs I don’t like the new hair and to my biggest dismay there are now, online, lots of other nine year old girls with weaves, wigs and relaxer running around ‘whipping their hair’.   I guess this is because fro’s don’t really ‘whip’. They stay in one place when you swing your head side to side. 

Like Justin Bieber its only a matter of time before it comes over here and takes the playground by storm. If you had a nine year old and she was feeling left out of the new craze, what would you tell her?

What do you think of Willow’s hair?



  1. Hiya! Well, my fro whips back and forth (un blow dried) so I do it whether I’m in twists or free flowing.

    I think her hair is cute. And I’m impressed at how brave she is to rock it. I find a lot of women say they don’t like it and she should have ‘age suitable’ styles, but then I ask them, what’s age suitable for a nine year old? Or a thirteen year old? Or a sixteen year old? Depending on what kind of parents you are, you’ll have different opinions.

    The way I see it is, if she likes it, then I love it!
    But if I had a daughter and she wanted to get her hair cut to match Willow Smith’s, I’d tell her to wait. If she’d come up with the idea originally herself, to me that’s different from wanting to copy someone else.

  2. My thought is that it would be fine for a 16yr old but not a 9yr old regardless if it’s a relaxer making her hair whip back and forth or a ‘fro.

    But hey, Willow doesn’t live in the real world, she’s a celebrity kid. And she wouldn’t be the first to do something outrageous with their hair or clothes.

    Parents regardless if their celebrities or otherwise need to ‘parent’ that’s why kids are so buck wild nowadays.

  3. I was appauled to see Willow’s hair in this grown up hairstyle – I can only blame the parents, as if they were educated on their culture and how beautiful their own natural hair is and the damage they are allowing to Willow’s hair (assuming it is permed) then I am sure they would never have allowed this. Also, their fame has them exposed to more than we would know so the pressures of keeping up that 6 ether image are strong and their need for fame far surpasses their need for self.