Who run the world?

Inspring Girls

Ok this post isn’t really about Beyonce but that is the first song I thought if when I heard about International Day of the Girl. It’s a UN initiative that recognises girl’s rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world, this is the second year in observance. (Read more here)

I found out about it because I was delighted and humbled to be asked to be a mentor at a Speed Mentoring Event on the 10th October. Its a unique event where I will be mentoring girls aged 11-18 from a range of schools across the UK. Not only that but its taking place on the London Eye. The mentors and mentees will spend a total of one hour together, through two rotations on the London Eye, I thought it was an unusual interesting concept but it should be great.

I am looking forward to it, if I can inspire or help just one girl, even just a little then to me it will be a success.