Winter Hair Care

When I see snow I dont smile like this
unless of course I am inside and dont have to go anywhere lol 

Winter has arrived and it’s COLD! Whist the snow has gone from my area I know many of you still have it where you live and its not going to warm up anytime soon.

I have spent a bit of time reading about winter hair care for naturals and there is so much advice that you can get confused. After having a good old read I realise that my hair regime is not going to change much from the summer all I am going to do is moisturise more and deep condition weekly. I am using a slightly heavier moisturiser. Many people recommend protective styling over winter to stop you hair getting dry and your ends breaking and I already wear my hair in buns so I have a protective style.

Also there are many warnings about going outside in the winter with your hair wet. Well this would never happen to me, not because I am afraid of my hair freezing in the cold (this can actually happen) but I am afraid that I would actually catch a cold! As you can see nothing has changed for me yet and my hair has remained healthy and soft even in this weather.

Do any of you have a special winter regime?



  1. Elam

    My hair is currently in Braid extensions, it was already damaged by the Sun + Rope twists, so I know this wasn’t the best move! I’ve been using Sahara Single Bible – Itchy Scalp Braid Spray, for my scalp and hair once every two days which I massage into my scalp. It seems to be working because I haven’t seen much dry scalp.

    I bought a miniature Dutch Pot from Jamaica, which I fill with water to put on my radiator to keep moisture in the air, it does seem to work because my skin doesn’t feel as dry as it did last year, but I still try and keep my Satin scarf on at home, because that Central heating really turns my hair into a crisp!

    When I’m out, If I’m not wearing hood, then it’s a scarf , to protect my hair from that ice cold wind. I know that they too can dry the moisture out of your hair, so I’m going to buy some satin or silk scarfs to wear with my hoods and other scarfs.

    I’ve been taking Cod Liver Oil, daily for the past few weeks, because it’s meant to be good for your hair, skin and Nail, But I find it sooo much harder to drink Water during the winter! I was at a talk in Brixton by the founder of the ‘Kinky By Nature’ product line, and one of the audience members said that she prefers to get most of her intake of water from fruit and veg that contain a lot of water ( Watermelon, Grapes, Cucumber) as she said it’s been better for her skin and hair, because the water in this country isn’t so great! So my try that too 🙂

  2. It’s just so much easier being a man. I shave my head twice a week and run my fingers through the stubble everyday to make sure they’re no lint in it…..that’s it for me and I’ve been doing that for close to two decades now.

    Sometimes it’s good to be a man.