Women of the World Festival – Southbank


So, each year Southbank have a festival called WOW (Women of the world). This year its next week 5-9th March. The Festival is for everyone and has talks, debates, performance and activism celebrating women and girls and they cover everything from politics, science and sex to fashion, war and power. The agenda is huge you can see what is on here its worth heading down.

Last year I missed it and they had a debate on The Politics of Afro Hair, you can watch the whole thing here.  It was so popular they are repeating it this year and guess who is on the panel?? Yep that is right yours truly Whoop whoop. I shall be speaking on Saturday 8th March at 12pm alongside   Sandie Okoro (Chief Legal Consultant at HSBC), Natalie Clue (Beauty Pulse London) and Crystal Afro (theunitedkinkdom.com)

Thats not all, straight after the debate 1.30-3pm the delightful Crystal and I are holding a meet up. The timing is short so we decided to keep that agenda simple, we shall be sharing Hair Stories.

You can hear from Shaherah Jordan of Balanced Busy Bodies, a lady who has decided to comb through her waist length locks and become a free flowing natural, or Belinda Raji owner of Beunquie Hair Care who has shaved, and cut her hair so many times but still maintains a head of beautiful hair. Alongside ourselves we can give you some real insights into the world of our hair, answer any hair questions and then give everyone ample time to get networking, making friends and perhaps sharing stories amongst yourselves..

See you there?

For more info visit http://wow.southbankcentre.co.uk/events/



  1. Hi Angel,

    I wish this was being held on Sunday as I have a conference to go to on Saturday 🙁 The meetup that you will be holding after the debate, will that be in same place as the debate or somewhere else? Hopefully I’ll be able to make the meetup.

  2. @Natalye oh shame but I understand yes the meet up is in the same building.