Would you buy a 99p relaxer?

I already know the answer to my opening question ‘would you buy a 99p relaxer?’ in reality most of you wouldn’t as you have natural hair but let me tell you this little story.

Last summer I got an email from someone saying that I should warn my readers about the fake relaxers out there.  Well I didn’t.  I didn’t know the person, didn’t have any information on the source and didn’t want to spread fear, gossip or lies. I thanked them and ignored it.

Then just before Naturally Fabulous a well known professional in the hair industry more or less told me the same thing. They had heard from an Indian source that ‘black women put anything on their hair’ so inside some of these relaxer kits were just a cocktail of harmful chemicals, they do the trick but they are much cheaper to produce. They even told me that some have been seized at customs.

Now again didn’t have any paperwork, information or anything that could verify these claims so I didn’t say a thing but I am noticing something. Home relaxer kits are becoming cheaper than ever! I have seen them in my local shops for £2 and Crystal Afro spotted some in Darlston for £0.99.

At first I thought this was because more and more people are not buying relaxers anymore and they are just trying to get rid of them. Then yesterday I started thinking ‘what if?’ Could it be that these boxes have lots of junk inside?  Could these be some of the fake ones packed with unknown/dangerous chemicals?  How could they produce and sell it so cheaply and still make a profit?

Results like this could be blamed on a ‘bad reaction’
but if it was the product how could we ever prove it?

It really is food for thought readers.

Let’s hope that one of these kits never goes near a child’s head! 


  1. How scary is this? We need to spread the word. What if young girls buy these things and put it on themselves?! Shameful.

  2. Disgraceful!Where are trading standards? I guess people going natural i s affecting relaxer sales so they lower the price.

    I am so thankful for all the info we now have available before making a purchase on anything. 🙂

  3. Well I think it depends. Are these well known brands on sale like Dark and Lovely or some unknown company producing relaxers with instructions in Arabic/Chinese etc? Hopefully the trading standards will remain high and this is simply a result of more people going natural hence the stores just need to get rid of the product.

  4. Oh gosh! How would one even tell? This is too much