Your Natural Hair Journal by Cheryl Simms

I don’t know if they still have them, but when I was born my mum kept a baby book for me. It had all these little details of my birth which she could record inside. She could also record the day I cut my first tooth, my first lock of hair, the day I took my first step that kind of thing. Throughout it she could write things about me and also stick in pictures.

Last month I got a copy of ‘Your Natural Hair Journal’ by Cheryl Simms and I find the concept of this book similar to my baby book.  It is a hair diary for you to keep and walk you through the process of transitioning to Natural Hair.

In it, it has sections such as ‘Your Hair Story’ where you have the opportunity write about your relationship with your hair, you stick photographs in it of your hair when you were growing up and write about goals for your hair. It has a section where you write about your decision to go Natural and asks you lots of questions about this. It also has a section were you can keep monthly hair notes and photos.  You can also put photos of your hair inspirations inside.

The book is a great idea I imagine giving it to my teenage niece or another young adult to work through.  Like the baby book you are supposed to fill it out and keep it,  dusting it off every now and then you want a bit of nostalgia. For the older reader I believe they may enjoy a more detailed product with a more extensive resources and glossary section. They may also require the front cover, text and layout to be more polished with magazine quality photographs inside. However if you don’t want to keep it on the shelf you can get a printable e-book version.  

The book is available for £12.95 on Amazon or at